Short Fiction

Maniac, Bella magazine, April 1993. Won prize in their Twist in the Tale competition; story subsequently sold to magazine & published.

The Dream Seller, British Fantasy Society (BFS) Dark Horizons fiction anthology, 1995.

Carousel, Xenos, 1992 (reprinted BFS Chills fiction anthology, 1996). Won an Honourable Mention by Ellen Datlow in Years Best Fantasy & Horror, 1996.

The Fairest of Them All, dark fantasy, Alchemy Press Book of Horrors, 2018

The Fifth Dimension, Between The Sheets, 1995.

Keeping The Faith, FantasyCon 2000 Souvenir Magazine (as Cally Andrews). Won prize in David Gemmell Cup (as Daughter of Lir), 1995.

Beyond Rescue, an unpublished neat little 500 word ghost story - are there any markets for 500 word ghost stories? I posted it here.

Sarah, another shortie written for a competition (won 3rd prize). You can read it here.

Moira, published online by Every Day Fiction, August 2011.

Love Story, actually it's a crime story, though I expect it's a bit too dark for most markets.

Ten to Nine, a crime short story written for a competition. Now published in Beneath the Blue Bridge anthology in 2018.

20-20 Vision. Commissioned for charity horror anthology Shrouded By Darkness, 2006, published by Telos Publishing.

Masquerade, BFS Dark Horizons, 2006. Shortlisted for Ian St James Award. Shortlisted for national short story competition (and withdrawn from competition at this stage).

Hunt, BFS New Horizons, 2009.

On the Edge of Forever, light fantasy now published in The Kindle Coffee Break Collection, vo1 1. Out of print.

The Leaving Of Liverpool, a crime short story published in Knife Edge anthology in 2013. Out of print.

Many of these, plus tv script novelisation Lacuna have been collected together in Maniac and Other Stories which is available from Amazon kindle, or Smashwords (all formats)