Other Writing

Urban Gothic. Award-nominated anthology of stories from the 2000 Channel 5 tv series of the same name. Contributed 11,500 word novelisation of tv episode Lacuna. You can still get copies of this on Amazon.

Sold a commissioned short film script in 2012 to White Witch - a direct-to-DVD production. White Witch is a spin-off from a 1970s Dr Who storyline, starring the original actress Damaris Hayman. Originally due for release in autumn 2013, the launch date is now uncertain.

Edited and published dozens of British Fantasy Society (BFS) publications since 1995, including BFS Newsletter Prism (1995-1999 and 2004-2005) and BFS fiction anthology Dark Horizons (2000-2004), and numerous other FantasyCon books and magazines.

Edited and published Local Government-approved Village Design Statement (VDS) for Moulton Village in Cheshire, 2008/2009.

Script-writing for Littlewich Ways - a community radio-play project about life in a fictional Cheshire village. Think The Archers, but funnier. Honestly some of our scriptwriters have a wicked sense of humour ...