Other Writing

Urban Gothic: Award-nominated anthology of stories from the 2000 Channel 5 tv series of the same name. Contributed 11,500 word novelisation of tv episode Lacuna. You can still get copies of this on amazon.

Sold a commissioned short film script in 2012 to White Witch - a direct-to-DVD production. White Witch is a spin-off from a 1970s Dr Who storyline and starring the original actress Damaris Hayman. Due for release in autumn 2013.

Edited & published dozens of British Fantasy Society (BFS) publications since 1995, including BFS Newsletter Prism (1995-1999 & 2004-2005) and BFS fiction anthology Dark Horizons (2000-2004) and numerous other FantasyCon books and magazines. I also review books for the British Fantasy Society & occasional other sources.

Coming in 2014/2015 - Littlewich Ways. A community radio-play project about life in a fictional Cheshire village. Think The Archers, but funnier. Honestly some of our scriptwriters have a wicked sense of humour ...

Edited & published Local Government-approved Village Design Statement (VDS) for Moulton Village in Cheshire, 2008/2009.

 Ah, the quaint eccentricities of English village life!